Finca S’Establit

S’Establit is an innovative family owned and operated finca in the heart of the mediterranean island of Mallorca. It is composed of an idyllic 30,000 square meters of easily stroll-able vegetation, including a prized olive orchard, carob trees and other fruit trees where our free-range hens live in total freedom.

Although the property is fully equipped with the best of modern conveniences, its restoration was carried out in a manner respecting its roots as an old, traditional Mallorcan working farm, such that it provides comfort and convenience while continuing to offer a glimpse into the island’s rich history and local culture.

Among S’Establit’s best offerings is its location. S’Establit is nestled discreetly behind a forest in the hills leading up to Sa Cabaneta, a small town in the quiet municipality of Marratxí. This location provides a peaceful environment conducive to agricultural practices allowing you to immerse in the natural beauty and rustic charm of rural Mallorca.

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Meet the family

Mr. Jaume Pericás took over S’Establit in the early 70’s, together with his wife Catalina Seguí. The old house was in rough shape, but he fell in love with the potential of this lesser known part of the island and worked hard throughout his life developing the land.

Before becoming olive oil producers, the property was used for many purposes. Most notably as a duck and rabbit farm, and even, for a while, as a leather tannery. Under Jaume’s management, however, the bulk of the property gave way to personal pleasure as it was converted into an orchard that at the time of his passing, in 2015, glowed from end to end in the colour of his favourite fruit – Oranges!

It was important to the family, and especially to his son Bernat, to continue Jaume’s project of revitalizing the rural property. With their shared passion for tradition and pride in showing off the treasures of their beautiful island, they decided to transform S’Establit. So, under Bernat’s management, the property has been renovated in painstaking detail. Importantly, all of the work has been done with the intention of preserving and enhancing the character and authenticity of the original farmhouse and its surroundings, maintaining a natural balance between old and new.

Bernat’s work hasn’t ended with the refurbishment, however, as he continues to work tirelessly in an effort to prove to a new generation that land that is properly cared for can provide both a source of passion and livelihood. With this in mind, the old orange trees have given way to an olive orchard that stands over 1,200 trees strong.

Ecofriendly philosophy

Our mission is to become a completely self-sufficient farm focused on renewable, non-polluting energy sources, and to promote. To this end, we are always working on projects that allow us to improve our operations, and we continue educating ourselves on ways to reduce our impact on the environment, save on raw materials and reduce the volume of waste generated.

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